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    Yefei Lu

Inside the Investments of Warren Buffett: Twenty Cases by: Yefei Lu An in-depth look at Warren Buffett’s investments, from the perspective of a potential investor at the times when he made them; includes original source documents.

This book, unlike most other books written about Warren Buffett, focuses on the companies in which Buffett invested in rather than on the person of Warren Buffett. It is unique in its focus and its level of detail.

Meet the Author
Yefei Lu Style: Business & Finance, Investments As of December 31, 2015, Yefei Lu was a portfolio manager at Shareholder Value Management AG, a value-investment company based in Frankfurt, Germany. Previously, he worked for a single-family investment office in Munich and for McKinsey & Company in Berlin. He holds an MBA from the London Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Honors from Stanford University.
Yefei Lu
M. Ali Khan kahn Abram Hutzler Professor of Political Economy, Johns Hopkins University
" By examining twenty of Warren Buffett's investments over a fifty-year period from 1960 through 2011, Yefei Lu discusses Buffett's likely analysis of each one and the lessons to be learned from them. Inside the Investments of Warren Buffett should appeal to value investors and those wanting to benefit from Buffett's investment experience. "
Publishers Weekly publisher
" For serious investors and analysts eager to transcend the cult of personality around Buffett and discern what actually makes him great, this study comes highly recommended. "
Joel Cohen cohen MIT Investment Management Company
" Yefei Lu does us all a great favor in making it so easy to follow him as he looks back at the key investments Buffett made throughout his career. Lu provides his own analysis of what Buffett would have seen, and invites us to sit in Buffett's shoes ourselves by providing as much primary source information as possible―a monumental research effort by any measure. One even has the feeling of reaching certain critical investment insights, right alongside Buffett, that greatly influenced his development as an investor. "
John Elkann John-elkann Chairman and CEO, Exor S.p.A.
" A simple and useful analysis of Warren Buffett's twenty key investments over the course of his fifty-plus-years career. Lu has done a great job in illustrating the key factors that Buffett paid attention to in assessing the risk-reward profile of each investment. There are many lessons to be learned in this book for anyone interested in long-term investing. "
John Mihaljevic John-Mihaljevic Managing Editor, The Manual of Ideas
" In the crowded market for books about Warren Buffett, portfolio manager Yefei Lu has written a uniquely valuable, information-packed volume. This instant classic analyzes twenty of Buffett's most notable investments, starting in 1958 and continuing through to today. A must read! "
Robert Vinall vinall CIO, RV Capital
" Warren Buffett has talked extensively about his investment philosophy but unfortunately less so on actual investments. By digging up long forgotten annual reports and sharing his own thoughtful insights, Yefei Lu does an excellent job of filling in the missing pieces of the puzzle in understanding how Buffett invests. "